Jubilee Celebrations

On Thursday, at Loddiswell Primary’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we were entertained by Ken and Hilary Hudson, Morris Dancing enthusiasts, along with a group of children who had been practicing, under the guidance of Ken and Hilary, some rhythmic stepping and other choreographed moves!  It was a triumph and enjoyed not only by people watching on but by the wonderfully dressed folk dancers themselves!  Thank you for all your support in helping make the afternoon such a great success.

Investigating Numbers

In Class 1 we have had another super week.

The children have loved investigating numbers this week, exploring ways of making 100, learning to count in 10’s and 5’s and reasoning their understanding.

Natural World

Class 1 have had a fantastic week with Mrs Kirkham. They have been learning about using natural materials to make Griffins!

The children worked in teams to collect natural objects around the school grounds and then made their own griffin

“The pinecones are its legs’ Harry said.