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Pupils are entitled to free transport if they attend the nearest school to their home address and live more than two miles away by the shortest walking route. This is organised by Devon County Council.  Please contact them on 0345 155 1019 or see websites below:

Click here to access information on catchment areas 

Click here to find out about free transport and concessionary seats

Parking Around School
Parking around schools whilst dropping off and picking up children from school can be dangerous.

We strongly encourage walking to and from school and car sharing.  We request parents and carers observe the parking restrictions around the school and consider other pedestrians, road users and neighbours. In addition, we ask that consideration is made with regards to access for emergency vehicles. 

We ask that the turning circle is only used to drop off and pick up and is not used as a parking facility. We do allow parents to use the car park at drop off and pick up time however, we ask that the disabled spaces are kept clear for parents, carers and or children who may need this facility.

We respectfully request parents and carers be considerate to our neighbours living near the school and avoid obstructing driveways at all times. 

We also ask that all bike riders dismount when entering the school grounds and that young children are kept under close supervision.

Thank you for your support in keeping our school grounds safe.