Welcome to Year 1

Miss Nicholls and Mrs Dunton would like to welcome you to Class 2! We hope you all had a lovely summer and feel ready for the beginning of a new school year. Although things will be slightly different this year, we still have a jam packed term full of fantastic learning opportunities and interesting topics planned for the children!

Our Week

Miss Nicholls will be teaching on Monday and Tuesday, and Mrs Dunton will be teaching Wednesday through to Friday. We will start each day with phonics and spellings. Followed by English and maths. In the afternoons, the children will have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is outlined below. They will be having PE on a Monday and Tuesday so please make sure they come to school dressed in PE clothes those days.


Please continue to hear your child read as often as possible and encourage them to talk about what has happened in the story. You could ask what they think might happen, discuss the characters and ask them questions about what they have read. Please make sure you record in their yellow diary that they read, the page number and any other relevant information. Children must independently change their books as they are completed. We will also be continuing with our reading challenge so, if you have lost your tracking card, please let us know and we can replace it as soon as possible.


Spellings will be set on a Friday and tested the following Friday. These spellings are aimed at consolidating phonics and grammar learnt during the week. These spellings will be sent home but will also be posted on Seesaw each week in caseany books are lost “in transit”.


We will begin the term with the story No-Bot. Through this text, the children will learn to: sequence events to create a narrative; use full stops; use exclamation marks and use question marks. In addition, they will learn about the use of speech marks.

After half term we will be writing a non-fiction text. This text will draw on the children’s knowledge of a topic of theirchoosing. They will learn about the features of non-fiction texts and will apply them when creating their own pages.


In maths this term we will be recapping 0-100 in numerals and words, thinking about ordering, estimating and learning number bonds to 100. We will be using number facts to help us solve word problems as well as counting in steps of 2,3, and 5. We will then be focusing on addition and subtraction and exploring the inverse relationship between them to check our calculations and solve problems.


In Science, our topic this term is ‘Forces’. Children will observe how different objects move when they are pushed or pulled and apply this to the real world. They will use skills such as drawing diagrams to investigate forces and explain how the strength of a force determines how fast or how far something moves.page2image1200


In Geography this term we will be learning about seasons. The children will be focusing on the UK and the local area, collecting data about our weather and thinking about what is happening. They will observe and spot seasonal patterns and will use weather-related vocabulary to spot seasonal patterns.

In History we will be learning about two events in British History – The Great Fire of London and Guy Fawkes. The children will learn to use simple timelines to order events and will ask and answer questions. They will have opportunities to use different sources of evidence and will evaluate the usefulness of each source. They will also think about the impact these events have had on our modern lives.


In RE the children will be learning about Islam for the first term and exploring why Christmas matters to Christians after half term. Children will identify some of the key Muslim beliefs about God and their ways of living. We will talk about what they think is good for Muslims about prayer, respect, celebration and self- control.


In art this term we will be looking at the work of Sandra Silberzweig – Self-portraits. We will be learning how to create patterns using different tools and colours. Children will learn how to experiment with different techniques such as layering, mixing media and scrapping.


In computing we will be planning, writing and testing computer programs for digital devices such as floor turtles and tablets. We will be learning about some of the foundations of computer science particularly algorithms, logical reasoning and writing and testing programs.


In PE we will be developing key skills to apply to a range of games. To begin with the children will practise their footwork and standing balances. They will learn to move and balance in a range of ways and will think about the applications of these movements. They will then move on to a variety of jumps and landings. Again, the children will have opportunities to apply these movements in small sided games to enable them to link their lessons with real life applications.


This term children will explore Hey You! By Joanna Mangoa- an old school Hip Hop style for children to learn about the differences between pulse, rhythm and pitch and to learn how to rap and enjoy it in its original form. As well as learning to improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise other Old- School Hip Hop tunes.


This term we will be learning about the things that keep our bodies healthy, recognise what we are good at, set simple goals and to learn about how it feels when there is change or loss.

Forest School

This term Year 1 will be going to Forest School with Mrs Moore on a Wednesday afternoon up until half term. Year 2 will go to Forest School during the second part of the Autumn Term (after October half term). For this the children require wellies, layers of clothes so that they can wrap up and keep warm, waterproof trousers, a coat, and hats and gloves. They will be outside all afternoon, so layers are really important, especially if your child feels the cold. We would like the children to come to school dressed in their forest school clothes every Wednesday so that they can make full use of the afternoon.

If there are any parents/carers who would be willing to volunteer on these afternoons and get involved, please let Miss Nicholls or Mrs Dunton know. We would love to have you involved and you don’t need to commit to every week tovolunteer.

How can I help my child?

  • Please read with your child every day… and then read some more!
  • Encourage your child to have a growth mindset and see mistakes as opportunities to learn.
  • Sign your child’s reading diary (yellow book) at the end of every week and please use it to communicate with school.
  • Practise times tables and counting activities as regularly as possible.
  • Label all school uniform and PE kit (including shoes).
  • Support your child with their weekly spellings.

All of the work undertaken will ensure that children are reaching their personal learning goals. We look forward to the exciting opportunities we hope that each and every child will experience throughout their time in Class 2!

Miss Nicholls and Mrs Dunton

This Year’s Curriculum

Loddiswell Primary School Curriculum Map

If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.

This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Miss Nicholls or Mrs Dunton.

Overview Autumn Term 2020 Class 2 Topics