Welcome to Year 3

Welcome back to another busy term! I hope you had a relaxing Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine. Here’s what we’ll be learning about in the summer term:

English: This term we will begin by looking at the text ‘Winter’s Child’. The children will be encouraged to use descriptive vocabulary and clever sentence structuring to create their own version of the story. We will be also be emphasising the importance of punctuating accurately and the need for proof reading our writing. After the half term break, the focus will turn to the non-fiction text ‘Grow Your Own Lettuce’ where the children will create their own piece of detailed instructional writing.

The children will continue to read in a whole class reading session. This is an important session as it enables us to work on the childrens’ ability to retrieve evidence and clues from the text to answer questions. Spellings will be tested every Friday morning. We are focusing on the statutory spelling words, that were sent home with your child at the end of last term and I will be picking a random selection of 10 to test on each Friday. We will also practise these during the week in the morning. Please continue to look at them with your child at home and help them to learn them.

Maths: During the first half term, we will be focusing on decimals. We will investigate tenths and hundredths and the link with fractions.

After the half term break, we will be learning about volume and capacity and reading and interpreting statistics. The children will develop their ability to display and interpret information and solve problems of greater complexity. . The children will also learn to tell the time to the nearest minute, read digital and analogue clocks and apply their learning to read timetables. Learning how to plot coordinates and translate shape on a grid will conclude our work for the term. The children will be asked to practise particular times tables ready for a test on Fridays. It would be great if these could be practised at home throughout the week.

Science: In the Summer term, our first topic will be rocks. We will classify different rocks depending on their properties and we will investigate how soils are made. After half term, we will be studying how we move and examining the skeleton and muscles.

PSHE: In the first half term, we will be looking at dares and appropriate physical contact and keeping ourselves safe. After half term, we will be identifying our ‘British Values’ and discussing their importance. The children will discover how laws are passed and how we follow the British Values in school.

Geography: Earthquakes and volcanoes In the first half of the term, we will be developing our geographical skills as we look at earthquakes and volcanoes. We will look at where in the world some of the major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have occurred, as well as gaining an understanding of why earthquakes happen and how volcanoes are formed.

History: Crime and punishment In the second half of the term, we will be looking at crime and punishment in Britain from the past to the present day. We will discuss why laws, punishments and attitudes to different crimes have changed over time.

PE: Real PE. Throughout the spring term, the children will continue to practise a range of agility, balance and coordination skills. We will talk about how to challenge yourself through beating your personal best. We will look at ways to travel and turn through balance, creating our own balance circuit.

French: We are going to be learning and practising vocabulary to describe ourselves. This will include talking about who we are, what we look like, our appearance and the things we like to do. The children will also learn the vocabulary related to food and drink and learn how to order in a café!

RE: During the first half term, the children will be learning all about the Pentecost and its importance to the Christian faith. During the second half term, we will look at a range of religions and the important events in life in these religions.

Computing: In the first half term, we will be looking at how to use computers to conduct research and present findings. We will look at the role of Wikipedia, learn where to find good information and present our findings using PowerPoint. In the second half term, we will be using Excel to track patterns in the weather and explore how to use the data to create charts and graphs.

Music: During the first half term, the children will investigate RnB music through looking at the song The Dragon Song along with other music in a similar style . After half term, our musical focus will be learning a short piece to play on a ukelele.

Art: This term’s art project will see the children learning about mixed media collage. We will look at the artist Derek Gores’ work, explore colour and textures and finally create our own collage.

DT: The children will be learning about stitching techniques and designing, making and evaluating their own product. More information about this project will be coming soon!

If you have any question, please feel free to ask. Have a lovely summer term ☺

Many thanks,
Miss Wolstenholme

This Year’s Curriculum

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This Term’s Topics

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