Welcome to Year 3

Welcome back! It is lovely to be able to welcome you all back to school again after the very strange ending to the last academic year. Thank you for all you did for us and your children during the time we were in lockdown, it is truly appreciated. Here’s an outline for the upcoming Autumn Term:

English: Jack and the Dreamsack and Penguins

This term we will begin by looking at Jack and The Dreamsack. We will start the term by recapping basic punctuation and grammar that the children learned last year. We will investigate the language used in the story in order to evaluate thechildren’s own language choices when creating their own story. We will also focus on punctuating our writing correctly and redrafting and improving our work.

After the half term break, we will be looking at the non-fiction book ‘Penguins’to learn how to write an information text. We will explore sentence construction and clauses, as well as investigating how to write in a style that helps to convey factual information.

We will continue to focus on reading through whole class reading sessions. We will use a text to learn reading and comprehension strategies, understanding how to retrieve, infer and deduce information. Homework will be set each Friday and will need to be handed in the following Wednesday. Spellings will be tested on every Friday morning with new words handed out on the same day. We will look at these during the week, focusing on the patterns and understanding of the words we are learning. Please look at them with your child at home and help them to learn them! Alongside the weekly spellings, every morning in the classroom we will be practising high frequency words that the children will be using in all of their writing.

Maths: Place Value and Operations

To start off the term we will be focusing predominantly on Place Value and it’simportance in mathematics. The children will be come increasingly confident working with 3 and 4 digit numbers and beyond, and be able to discuss the values of each digit. Using this knowledge we will be comparing, ordering, counting in multiples and rounding numbers. The children will learn about Roman Numerals and be able to read them up to 100. Within Addition and Subtraction, we will be learning formal written methods and using our number bond knowledge to solve complex problems. Towards the end of the Autumn Term, the children will move on to Multiplication and Division. They will pick up written methods for both operations and develop their times table knowledge. We will constantly be developing reasoning and explanation skills throughout all of our Maths topics.


During the first half term we will be learning about forces and magnets. We will investigate cars travelling down ramps and make observations of how magnets work. After half term we will be studying the topic Survival and Health. Here we will find out what animals need to survive and what humans need to do to stay healthy.

PSHE: Health and Wellbeing

Throughout the term we will focus on health and wellbeing. We will understand what makes a balanced lifestyle and how to make good choices. We will focus on wellbeing through understanding what we are good at and how to set realistic goals. We will understand changes that happen in life and feelings associated with change. We will also look at safety and how to keep safe in both our local area and online, as well as understanding how to identify people that help to keep us safe.

Geography: The Americas

In the first half of the term, we will improve our geographical knowledge and skills by using maps, atlases, globes and digital mapping. We will look at both North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, states and some major cities. We will also understand geographical similarities and differences through looking at regions in North and South America.

History: The Ancient Egyptians

In the second half of the term, we will explore who the Ancient Egyptians were, what they did and discuss whether Ancient Egypt deserves its reputation as one of the most important early civilisations. We will be using our historical skills to develop our understanding of Ancient Egypt and what life was like as an Egyptian, with a strong focus on sources of evidence.


During the term we will be working on a range of skills. We will continue to practise our fundamental skills, such as throwing, catching and striking, and apply them within game situations. We will also work on the core skills of agility, balance and coordination through core skills. We will also use our PE sessions as a platform through which to improve skills of perseverance, challenge and resilience. Our PE days are Thursday and Friday. Please ensure your child comes in to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.

Computing: Software developers and toy designers

We will start the term by using the programme ‘Scratch’ to develop a simple educational game. We will learn how to add repetition and scoring, as well as adding graphics and sound to a game. In the second half of the term, we will prototype an interactive toy. We will find out about inputs and outputs and how to design and programme our toy simulation.

RE: Hinduism and Incarnation

Our theme for the first half term is Hinduism. We shall be exploring Divali and answering the question: Would celebrating Divali at home and in the community bring a feeling of belonging to a Hindu child? The second half of the term will concentrate on Christianity. By finding out about Incarnation, we will be able to explore the enquiry question: What is The Trinity? The children will finish the term by looking at the traditional Christmas Story.


Focussing on untuned percussion instruments, the children will think about melodies and develop some of their own. They will look at rhythmic patterns and create some to accompany a song, as well as learn about improvisation.

Foreign languages: French classroom vocabulary

During our foreign languages lessons, we will be focussing on French classroom vocabulary. The children will learn classroom commands, have a simple conversation with a partner and learn numbers 1-20.

Art: Drawing

The work of Georgia O’Keeffe will be studied during our ‘Drawing’ unit of work.Throughout the term we will explore drawing techniques, and using our skills to create our own landscape in the style of O’Keeffe.

DT: Healthy Snacks

We will be investigating, designing, creating and evaluating healthy snacks in our Autumn Term DT unit of work. The children will consider what constitutes a healthy snack and select the ingredients needed to create one.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our learning or anything else. I will endeavor to help wherever I can.

Miss Wolstenholme

This Year’s Curriculum

Loddiswell Primary School Curriculum Map

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This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Miss Wolstenholme.

Overview Autumn Term 2020 Class 3 Topics