Welcome to Year 5

Welcome back! It is the beginning of a new school year after a very long and strange time and we have lots of exciting activities planned for our learning.

Our focus initially will be narrative writing. We will study some forms of poetry and base ourlearning around “The Tear Thief” – a story about a character’s emotion which is lost. After halfterm, our focus is non-narrative as we try and develop explanation writing based upon Wallaceand Gromit’s ‘Cracking Contraptions’. In addition to our daily spelling lessons, spellings will be given out weekly on a Friday to be practised and learnt at home. Please encourage your child to practise and learn the spellings – they will have been taught a range of strategies for remembering spellings.
Reading will be every day as a class, including interventions for those that need it. Please also read regularly at home with your child, talking about the text – the meaning, the authorial techniques and genre features.

Whilst we continue to use and develop all our number skills in counting, rounding and calculating, there will be particular emphasis on using formal and mental methods for all four operations, looking closely at the relationships between them. We will then use these skills to solve problems, tackle puzzles and embark upon investigations. We will secure our understanding of place value and numbers beyond one million, including decimal places and begin to use that knowledge when calculating in a variety of different contexts. Negative numbers will be investigated along with prime numbers and Roman numerals.
There will be a rapid recall multiplication challenge each week. It is vital the children know their multiplication tables and associated facts well. There are many free resources online to help support this learning.

In the first half of the term, Class 4 will be studying ‘classification’. We will find out how living things are split into groups depending on their characteristics, then design and use our own classification keys. In the second half of the term, we continue our biology theme with thetopic ‘circulation’. We will find out about blood and how it travels through the body. We will also dissect some hearts!

South America is our unit of work. During the first half of term we will be looking at the Amazon, its importance and the people that live there. For the second half of term, we will be looking at the Mayan society in history, focusing on why we should remember the Maya. We will aim to develop our geographical skills through investigation and the use of maps, old and modern. We will also develop our historiography skills through investigation and looking at different primary and secondary sources.

Following the theme of ‘Creation’, for the first part of the term children will compare beliefs from different perspectives of how the world was created and relate this to non-religious views, as well as viewing creation from differing religious beliefs.

During the second half term, the children will focus on why some people believe in God and some people do not. We will also be comparing a Christian perspective of God to the perspective of non-religious people.

‘What positively and negatively affects health and wellbeing?’ is our first unit of study. The children will develop understanding of the effects of social media, diet, lifestyle and healthy relationships to understand how these can affect how we feel. After half term, ‘Celebrating achievements and recognising our talents‘ is our unit of work. We will focus on developing self- pride and understanding that we all have different strengths. As well as this, we will set ourselves goals and aspirations.

Becoming ‘adventure gamers’ is our first topic. Children will learn to develop a text-based adventure game using programming skills, such as planning, writing and testing programs. They will then create algorithms for searching, sorting and mathematics on the web, focusing logical reasoning and decomposing problems into smaller parts.


We will be working on a range of skills this term. The children will continue to practise their sport specific skills, such as throwing, catching and striking, and applying them within game situations. We will think about how to attack and defend and where to position ourselves in order to use space most effectively. This will be through invasion and team games as well as athletics. We will also be following the ‘Real PE’ programme to develop our cognitive and creative skills independently and in small groups.

The children will understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated. For the first half of the term we will be focusing on rock music, in particular, the song ‘Livin’ On a Prayer’. After half term, we will be focusing on pop music and the song ‘Make You Feel My Love’.We will be following the Charanga music programme throughout the year.

This term, through the study of David Hockney, the children will develop their drawing skills focussing on perspective of landscape and still-life drawing. After half term we will be looking at food and home economics, focusing on healthy eating, celebrating culture and seasoning including cooking and nutrition requirements.

The children will continue learning French. Reading and writing numbers will extend to 100, including sequencing skills whilst revision of times, dates and birthdays will further be developed as written sentences from memory. The children will be listening to and then reading aloud sections of a non-narrative text, using context to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

We always welcome offers of help or skills to share with the children, so please feel free to come and see us at any time.
If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Mr Turner

This Year’s Curriculum

Loddiswell Primary School Curriculum Map

If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.

This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Mr Turner.

Overview Autumn Term 2020 Class 4 Topics