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Spring Term

Class 4


Throughout the term we will cover a range of fiction and non-fiction writing genres.  There will be focussed units of work based upon ‘A Word in Your Ear’- a collection of short stories by Tony Ross as well as ‘Are humans damaging the atmosphere?’- a non-fiction text that will allow us to develop our report writing.  The children will develop story writing skills to include mystery, suspense and magic whilst continuing to write using  a range of punctuation to enhance meaning.  Spellings will continue to be given out weekly, to be learnt at home and tested in school on Monday. We will also continue having a short daily spellings lesson where the children will be learning spelling strategies that will enable them to spell a much wider range of words of increasing complexity.

Please continue to read regularly at home with your child, talking about what they are reading and exploring different authors techniques for writing.


Having developed formal methods of calculation, the children will focus on applying these methods to multi-step problem solving in a variety of contexts. We will be continuing with fractions, decimals and percentages and the relationship between them. The children will be applying their learning to a range of problems to solve in a variety of contexts..  After half term, we focus on measurement – in particular angles and shape. As well as drawing and measuring angles accurately, the children will use properties of shapes to deduce related facts and find missing angles. We will also be learning to convert between metric and imperial units of measurement.


We are starting off with the topic forces, studying friction forces and gravity and looking at mechanisms.

In the second half of the term, we will be looking at plant reproduction, looking in detail at the structure of flowers and how each part of the flower has a specific role in the production and dispersion of seeds.


The children will study the journey their clothes and other items take around the world before we get them. We will be investigating the source of our products, the effects on the environment and be learning about trade also. We will further discuss how geographical location links to our household items.


In this unit the children will learn about the Vikings and consider the reasons they raided and then settled in Britain. They will investigate the popular view of the Vikings as raiders, ruthless in their ways of obtaining wealth. They will study primary sources of evidence, such as accounts by monks of the raid on Lindisfarne, as well as archaeological finds, to understand why this interpretation of the Vikings has become so popular. They will examine King Alfred’s struggle and victory over the Vikings .


“We Are Artists’ is our first unit of study where the children will develop an appreciation of the links between geometry and art, experimenting with the tools available and developing some awareness of computer generated art. The second unit of study is “We Are Web Developers”. The children will develop a greater understanding of computer networks including the internet, how to use search technologies effectively and safely, respectfully and responsibly.


Throughout the spring term, the children will continue to apply a range of transferable skills to various net/wall games as an individual and as part of a team, focussing mainly on basketball. After half term, we will be looking at gymnastics- focusing on rhythm, balance, travelling and shape independently and collaboratively.


Relationships is the theme for this term, considering feelings and emotions, healthy relationships and valuing differences.  The children will be exploring how to recognise feelings in others and strategies to deal with those feelings and emotions.  They will learn that actions affect themselves and others and think about how we can work more collaboratively, discussing compromise and how to give constructive feedback.


Our first unit of work focusses on Jewish people and why the Torah is so important to them.  We will be finding out about how the Torah is treated and how its content affects the lives of Jewish people making connections between the commandments and how Jews live.  The second unit of study focusses on Christianity and explores God through the question “What does it mean that God is holy and loving to Christians?” The children will make connections between the Christian belief in God’s kindness and those of other religions.


During this term, we will be learning to sing like a gospel choir and looking at the roots of gospel music. After half term, we will be creating our own pop songs using instruments.


Art will involve finding out about sculptors and exploring how to make a slab clay plant pot holder.  After research, we will sketch and annotate our design ideas before making the pot.  In our DT unit of work, we will be thinking about textiles and combining different fabric shapes.  Following our investigation, we will design and make our own wall hanging.


The children will continue learning French this term. Children will be listening and responding to words or phrases and what they see.  They will be speaking and reading in French, developing better pronunciation and consistency in intonation.  We will carry on writing useful phrases and simple sentences regarding pets and the Olympics.

Thank you for your continued support with activities tasks completed at home. Please continue to read, practise spellings and times tables at home- it has a massive difference on your child’s learning and they love to tell me when they are doing this.

Please feel free to contact me through the school’s email, phone or catch me at the end of the day. As you are aware, we have moved to Google classroom instead of SeeSaw and will be using this if (hopefully not) there is ever a need for home learning.

All the best,

Mr Turner

This Year’s Curriculum

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If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.

This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Mr Turner.

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