Welcome to Year 5


For the first half-term, we will be looking at a narrative writing through the context of The Golden Compass movie. We will be translating the on screen action to writing and then creating our own narrative with characters that emulate those from the film. The children will develop story writing skills to include mystery, suspense and magic whilst continuing to write using  a range of punctuation to enhance meaning.  Spellings will continue to be given out weekly, to be learnt at home and tested on Fridays.

Please continue to read regularly at home with your child, talking about what they are reading and exploring different authors techniques for writing.


Having developed formal methods of calculation, the children will focus on applying these methods to multi-step problem solving in a variety of contexts.  Fractions, decimals and percentages will be focussed upon and the relationship between them. The children will be applying their learning to a range of problems to solve in a variety of contexts.


This term, our first topic will be Light. We will be studying reflection and how shadows are formed. After half term we will be studying plants; looking at the structure of plants and finding out what they need to grow and survive.


The children will study Global Warming and damages to the environment after half-term.  We will learn how humans have affected the planet, what the consequences are and what we can do to deter global warming. We will be using physical and political maps to gather information.


In this unit the children will learn about the Ancient Greeks. They will study primary sources of evidence, such as accounts, as well as archaeological finds, to understand different historical interpretations of the Greeks. They will also examine the architectural effects of the Greeks on modern buildings.

Computing- to continue after half-term

“We Are Advertisers is our first unit of study where the children will develop an appreciation of the links between camera angles and product sales. The second unit of study is “We Are Network Technicians”. The children will develop a greater understanding of computer networks including the internet, how to use search technologies effectively and safely, respectfully and responsibly.

PE- after half-term

In the first half of term, children will focus on fitness and the core PE skills: Agility, Balance and Coordination. Throughout the second half of the spring term, the children will continue to apply a range of transferable skills to various net/wall games as an individual and as part of a team. They will be taught about the need to use effective strategies and tactics in game situations. We will also be following the ‘Real PE’s social aspect of fitness.


Living in the wider world and relationships are the theme for this term, considering feelings and emotions, healthy relationships and valuing differences.  The children will be exploring how to recognise feelings in others and strategies to deal with those feelings and emotions.  They will also be looking at their rights and responsibilities as a citizen. They will learn that actions affect themselves and others and think about how we can work more collaboratively, discussing compromise and how to give constructive feedback.


Our first unit of work focusses on Hindu people and why they try to be good.  We will be finding out about how the Hindu’s behave and what processes they follow. The second unit of study focusses on Christianity and explores Salvation through the question “What did Jesus do to save human beings?” The children will make connections between the Christian belief in Jesus’ death as a sacrifice and how Christians celebrate Holy Communion.


During this term, we will be looking at pop ballads, in particular Adele and the impact of the modern pop ballad on the music industry. In the second half of term we will focus on Hip Hop music and create our own raps on the style of ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’.


DT (after half-term) will involve finding out about sculptors and exploring how to make certain sculptures. After research, we will sketch and annotate our design ideas before making them.  In our Art unit of work, we will be looking at Andy Warhol and his influence on the modern art movement.  We will then be looking at creating our own prints.


The children will continue learning French this term. Children will be listening and responding to words or phrases and what they see.  They will be speaking and reading in French, developing better pronunciation and consistency in intonation.  We will carry on writing useful phrases and simple sentences regarding the weather and music.

Let’s hope for a safe and manageable Spring term. Thank you all for your cooperation during this difficult time, hopefully we will be back to normality soon.

Mr Turner

This Year’s Curriculum

Loddiswell Primary School Curriculum Map

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This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Mr Turner.

Overview Spring Term 2021 Class 4 Topics