Welcome to Year 5

The term will begin with fiction based around Ted Hughes’ creation stories – How The Whale Became. After half term, non-fiction writing will be our focus reading Ripley’s Mighty Machines. The children will be refining their sentence construction skills by using fronted adverbials, subordinating conjunctions and rearranging clauses in complex sentences for effect. More sophisticated punctuation will be developed for parenthesis and marking boundaries between clauses.

As always, the children will continue to have a spelling test each week. Similarly, reading will continue in class, but it is also important that the children continue to read aloud regularly at home. There are lots of books in our school library to choose from!

The summer term will start with the new topic of statistics and then is mainly a revisit of topics we have already encountered, applying basic skills and methods learnt in a variety of different contexts. Shape properties will be consolidated as part of position and movement in geometric reasoning. The children will use their knowledge of all four operations to solve problems of increasing complexity. They will be expected to convert between units of measurement in solving these problems and apply knowledge and understanding of percentages, decimals and fractions, which will also be revisited. Please make sure multiplication tables are practised regularly, including the associated division facts. The children must use these facts to work out calculations which are 10x, 100x and 1000x bigger or smaller. The weekly rapid recall multiplication test will continue but with more tricky questions including division facts!

Our first topic will be Electricity. This will build on previous knowledge so that the children can investigate voltage and current. After half term we will be doing lots of investigations, trying to perfect our scientific skills. Computing In this unit of study we will be learning about travel writing. The children will be researching and creating what it means to be a travel writer and which skills are used in the process. Using the plan- create-evaluate format, the children will consolidate and extend their skills and understanding, working with multiple variables, repeat until loops and two-way selection when designing, writing and debugging their game.

Our unit of study is the World Wars and their effect on the local area. To begin with in history, we will be looking at the locality and what effects the war had on people living and working here- demonstrating an awareness of women’s roles in the wars.

In the second half of summer, we will be looking at our world in the future for geography. How might it look? What animals will we have? What advances will be around in technology etc.

To start the summer term, the children will be looking at the importance of fitness and being active using the Real PE format. We will then be heading to the field to learn the skills needed to play a variety of striking and fielding games. The children will be working on their throwing and catching techniques and developing good hand-eye co[1]ordination. We will then play adapted games of cricket and rounders and learning how to score runs.

‘Good To Be Me’ is the first unit of study followed by ‘Changes’. The children will be exploring strategies to use when they are feeling anxious, useless or inadequate. They will consider the difference between being proud and boasting. How to manage and communicate mixed feelings will be discussed alongside what to do when faced with overwhelming situations.

Christianity will be our focus religion this term. Our key question will be to consider ‘what kind of King is Jesus’ by explaining connections between biblical texts and the concept of the Kingdom of God. We will consider different possible meanings of the texts and relate Christian teachings or beliefs about God’s kingdom to issues, problems and opportunities in the world today.

We will be using ‘Charanga’ to look at Djembe drums in the first half of the term including their origin, purpose and how they are used. In the second half of term we will be looking at Motown music and creating performances that replicate this style of music.

The children will continue developing and extending their basic vocabulary and composition. Speaking and listening skills, using key words and phrases already learnt and new key words, will be a focus.

Thank you, once again, for your continued support with activities in school and those tasks completed at home.

Mr Turner

This Year’s Curriculum

Loddiswell Primary School Curriculum Map

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This Term’s Topics

Class teachers send out an outline of the learning each child will be undertaking that term.  If you wish to find out any further details, please contact Mr Turner.

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